利用你身边的任何东西,包括不限于食物,积木,笔,景色,纸张等任意物品,摆拍“QKI 三周年快乐”等字样,拍照然后发送给QKI小助手,并由小助理发起“QKI三周年创意展”社区投票活动,作品创作者可邀请微信好友对作品进行投票,票数最高的前3名创作者将获得QKI奖励!









The mass adoption of blockchain technology is hindered by the lack of established regulation and ground services, said the Team.

image source: https://newsbeezer.com/qki_team_shed_lights_on_blockchain_regulation

Well-Established Regulation And Mass Adoption

Besides worries on hacking, the lack of well-established regulations, ground services and user-friendly asset management operation systems are the key players that hinder users pursuing further business when it comes…

Quarkblockchain has launched a crypto-powered monetization tool enabling content developers to instantly accept tips via web browser or mobile.

image source: https://openledger.info/

Quarkblockchain launched its social monetization tool, describing the platform as “the pioneering decentralized peer-to-peer instant payment tool for digital goods or social content.”

The extension is supported by the crypto-friendly internet…

On July 31st, according to the latest data from the Blockchain Browser, the total number of QKI nodes on the Quarkblockchain exceeded 2000.

Real-time node count view: https://qkiscan.io/node-statistics

Quarkblockchain QKI has witnessed a steady growth on overall data, which suggests that Quarkblockchain QKI ecosystem is enjoying a great prosperity. More transactions should be ushered in in the coming future.

Project Introduction

Quarkblockchain builds a new generation of distributed Internet infrastructure through its own blockchain technology, thus creating a high-speed Internet information backbone connection. Quarkblockchain makes the exchange of Internet information more secure, stable and efficient.

Quarkblockchain has been developing its technology and ecology. Today, technically speaking, it already has a mature public chain underlying architecture. In terms of application, it has built itself into a blockchain ecosystem with tens of millions of users through different landing applications.


QuarkBlockChain Foundation. QKI Official Telegram:http://t.me/quarkblockchain

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